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Summit Investigations is an experienced private detective agency.


I have known about Summit Investigations for the last several years and I have to say that I have never used another investigation agency that has compared to them. Their attention to detail, quality of service and communication are unsurpassed


Sr. Claims Adjuster, Orlando, FL

Thanks for all of your hard work and assistance on my files. Summit Investigations has been instrumental in settling many of my recent problem case files. I really appreciate all of the hard work that you guys have done for me.  It is nice to know where to go when I need new ideas and guidance on my investigations.

M. Adams

Hartford, CT

Dear Summit Investigations,

When my attorney sent me to you, I thought that it would be fruitless in proving that one of my employees was now working for a competitor while collecting workers compensation benefits from my company. I was very impressed with the fact that your investigator had secured the necessary evidence within 24 hours of my call.

C. Sullivan

Boston, MA

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Summit Investigations is an experienced private detective agency that is skilled at investigating auto liability, workers compensation and disability claims. Our coverage area encompasses the Eastern United States from the Canadian border to Florida. Our investigators are accomplished at providing discreet and professional investigations for our clients.