Signs of Insurance Fraud

Summit Investigations employs experienced Insurance Fraud Investigators.


Here are some common red flags of possible insurance fraud.

  • Lack of memory on prior loss information
  • Excessive pressure for immediate settlement
  • Excessive knowledge of insurance terms/procedures
  • Recent increase of policy limits
  • Questions to Agent about coverage just prior to loss
  • Lack of memory about prior Carriers/Agents
  • Reluctant to meet for interviews or provide details of loss
  • Retains Public Adjuster or “known” Attorney immediately
  • Lack of documentation or excessive documentation
  • Will not use mail system (USC Title 18 Mail Fraud)
  • Reluctance to send FAX information (Wire Fraud)
  • Refusal to sign Information Releases
  • Becomes very nervous when told an investigation will be conducted
  • When interviewed, has “rehearsed” story and selective memory or details change

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